Sunday, October 10, 2010

Warrior Dash - 2010

The full blow-by-blow account is here, but I wanted to mention Warrior Dash in this blog as well.

Why I wanted to do this race:  I heard of this race a few times last year, but Matt's excitement about it pretty much sealed the deal for me.  I was looking forward to something different, and also an event we could do together.  And a mud race just sounded fun.

The Prep:  Nothing beyond my normal routine.  In fact, this was technically my marathon taper.

The Gear:  All the things I read recommended wearing quick-dry fabric, because the mud/water obstacles would make us cold.  I wore an orange Columbia Tri shirt, black mesh shorts over cotton spandex, and old sneakers (blown out a while ago).  I planned to donate the shoes at the end of the race.

Race Morning:  We had to leave kind of early (8:45a for the 12:30p wave) because the race was so far away.  I packed a bag with a towel, a change of clothes, and some snacks.  We picked up the Sixes and headed north, stopping briefly to fuel with Chick-Fil-A (another reason why this was a great race.  We could do that!)  We met up with our friends in the parking lot (great timing) and inside the race area, which was really well organized - bag drop, etc.

The Goal:  Have fun.  And don't break an ankle on the obstacles.

The Race:  Pretty much summed it up here. 

The Results: No idea.  And that's cool.

Post Race:  We sat and enjoyed the beer, turkey legs, and bands for a while.  There was some great people watching.  It was also a fabulous day - awesome just to sit outside, even though the dirt probably prevented any hope of actually getting a tan.

Thoughts on the Race: This was a really fun, not very fast 5K.  Many of the obstacles weren't nearly as tough as the website made them out to be, but that was ok.  There were some surprising challenges.  I thought the best part was running the Warrior Dash with my friends.

Will I do it again:  Sure!  Though maybe not next year.  After all, we have Tough Mudder to look forward to.